ONLINE consultation (EN)

Online consultations will be held on Zoom video or over the phone. I offer personalised support and counselling to get you through a hard time. You will have the opportunity to discuss any issue or concern you may have, be heard, cared for and receive tools and advices to handle your own personal situation.

Online consultation:

  • Emotional support and guidance – 65€ / 1h
  • Body/Mind therapy – 65€ / 1h
  • Lifestyle coaching – 65€ / 1h
  • Private yoga class (& for couple ) – 50€ / 1h
  • Private guided meditation (& for couple) – 50€ / 1h

Answering various needs:

  • dealing with stress
  • Facing difficult emotions
  • experiencing invasive thoughts
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Bring more peace ans mindfulness to your life
  • Going through difficult time (mourning, breakup, trauma and more))
  • or a phase of change and growth (career, relationship, adult life)
  • Need for harmony, wellness and better lifestyle
  • Understand yourself better
  • Answer existential questions and need for spirituality and connection
  • Need for support and verbalisation
  • Anything is welcome!

Make an appointment: 

Send an email to

Call or text to 0487.63.11.52