This is your body



This is your body

I hope one day you will love it all

I hope one day it will feel like home

For now maybe it is hard for you to show it

And I understand

Because our body



How we feel inside … And this

is exactly what we don’t want to show to the world

Our scars our wounds our weakness

Our bodies

Take shape and form of our emotional state

It doesn’t lie

It has its own memory

Of everything that we lived

Of everything we’ve experienced

Of everything that’s going on with us

Emotions are captured in our belly, our shoulders, our hand, ou hips,… Anger, sadness, pain, trauma and wounds if not processed are locked inside like a bomb ticking and waiting to be defuse

We can try to change it or fix it, but the real change starts within yourself with a lot of love and compassion

The body is there to guide you on your healing path

Showing you where to grow

Follow its lead and learn from it 💕✨


The only limitations in life are the ones you set for yourself

Getting out of your comfort zone is the real challenge, but also the exact point where life really starts

Anything below that is just untasty and colourless or to the best neutral

If you are not scared or crazy excited from times to times

You are not really living…

You just let life happen to you

Paying your bills when they come

Counting time before Friday

Having the exact same life as your neighbor

Doing that job that doesn’t fit you

Don’t you want more?

Don’t you want te be the one behind the wheel taking awesome turns from time to time?

Making your life exciting and worth living !

It has so much to offer!

You can discover your true power and strength.

Regain that energy and fire you lost along the way.

Wake up in the morning knowing you gonna make a difference and fulfill your dreams!


Loving yourself

Truly Loving yourself is what makes you shine

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It gives you that feeling of confidence and worthiness that radiates from within
That special glow is only to be found on women that have turned toward themselves and face their own shadow
Women that have explored their own wounds and scars and healed from it
Women that have looked into the eyes of fear and said « I’m here and I’m not afraid, I’m here and I will not pretend, I will not deny, I will not look away from my own shit »
Only when you face your own darkness, embrace it, accept it and love it, only then you can truly say: « I accept myself totally and unconditionally », « i love myself in and out from every corner to every edge! », then there will be no space inside of yourself that you don’t know or that you don’t love
You will feel peace, balance, respect, joy and happiness
And it’s such a pure and authentic feeling
Your light will then shine bright like the sun ❤
Love comes from within 💕
It takes a lot of courage and a lot of patience
But always in the end love will conquer
Love will dissolve the pain and the feeling of unworthiness, shame, guilt, hate, sadness and loneliness
Because once you befriend yourself like this
You are never alone
You are never abandoned
You are always taken care of
You are your greatest company and your own best friend
When you truly love yourself
Magic happens and you shine bright like the sun


Every time change happens

You have this given choice

To jump both feet into a new adventure and grow

Or step back into safety of what you already know

It is scary to evolve, make change in our daily habits, lifestyle, ways of acting or behaving, the people we hang out with, the place we are familiar with …

it might feel more safe and cosy to hold on to old pattern, known emotions, repeating the same old thing over and over again

But if we want to grow and reach new height we have to get out of the comfort zone and embrace the fear of the unknown

Take a leap of faith


Don’t listen to your mind who says it’s impossible or too good to be true or that you don’t deserve it or that you are not good enough or that it’s already been done or that you migh fail or whatever / those are only limiting beliefs and excuses providing you to get what you really want

Your heart knows

Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams

You are worthy of everything you want

You deserve it all 💕


Fit in

How can we be ourselves, if we are too busy trying to fit in?


We can take so much time, effort and energy trying to be what other expect from us, what society dictates us to be, as a women, as a person, trying to fit in, blend in, we quickly loose touch of who we really are.

By trying to be more of everything, we only really end up being less than ourselves, shadow of our essence, a clone among the clones, vapid and savourless.

Remember always, to check in with yourself first, and take time to connected and align with what makes YOU happy and who you really are. Be yourself and celebrate what makes you so unique!

Pursue your own dream

Speak your own truth

Live by your own values

Listen to your own intuition

Do what makes you happy

Be yourself

And don’t let anyone steal your wind 😉

Conscious Lifestyle

Living a Conscious Lifestyle 🌿 is being more aware of the things you do every day. From the food you eat, to the things your wear. You are responsible for your own health and you will always have the power to choose where you invest your energy to support the cause you believe in.


Choosing eco-brands and sustainable labels will reduce you impact on the environment.

Go for organic cotton (free from chemicals as fertiliser and pesticides), and prefer natural or recycled fibers.

Buy your clothes from second hand or vintage market and have fun swapping clothes with your friends.

And if you love animals as I do, try to stay away from natural leather or wool as much as you can, as they are not cruelty free 🐇

🌱 Shop @everybodyagrees  #consciousfashion 💁🏻‍♀️ Looking good wearing my friend Manu’s grand-mother’s shirt 😉 📷@alberto.hermosel 💛

Shining as bright as we can

We are certainly afraid of failing, but more probably, what we are most afraid of is thriving and shining as bright as we could ✨🌞



When it comes to do what our heart is yearning for, it’s amazing how fast we can beat ourselves down and let others opinion have an impact on us… What people gonna think? Will my friends understand my choice? What if I fail? What if people think I’m stupid? What if they think I suck?

Truth is, there is no excuse and no reason why you shouldn’t pursue your dreams. You shouldn’t take into account other opinion because this is your life and your deserve to live it fully!

Set up your intention, set up your goal, and work on it every day a little bit more. Make yourself proud of what you do! Do that thing you are afraid to accomplish, that secret project you have in mind for so long, do what feels important to you, fulfil your deepest longing, use your super-power, make that dream life come true.

You are unique and you deserve it all! 🌞

And no, it’s not too late, and yes you will probably fail, fail again and then fail better 😉 Only sure thing is that if you never try, you will never know…

Power through like 👊🏻✌🏻💪🏻😎

when past holds you back

Maybe you have that feeling that past holds you back and prevent you from creating the life of your dream.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 22.10.43

That picture was taken in 2008, when i was in art schooling reveals that feeling i had many times being tied up and pulled by the past constantly, preventing me to move forward.

That picture captures a moment right when i was diagnosed thyroid cancer and went through a great family crisis. That year gave me a huge slap in the face to wake me up while i was heading the wrong direction, to guide me onto a healing journey towards myself.

Since then, i haven’t stop learning and exploring, peeling layers board my very own core to understand fully why i was held back.

25 breakthrough later, i feel like i have done my work. Today i finally feel like myself, strong and at the end of a long road.

It took me 10 years, to unravel those wires, but let me tell you that even though it does take time, doing the work is 100% more rewarding than just letting your shit impact your life forever.

If you feel like past is holding you back, if you feel stuck, go start to untie those silver line around your ankles! Take difficulty as an opportunity to evolve. Get in touch with me or get supported by another professional. It doesn’t matter which kind of practician you go to, you just have to start somewhere, all the doors are leading to the same direction: getting to know yourself better and evolve.

It might seem unfair, but some of us are just more tight up than others, that’s just how life is dealt, don’t compare yourself and hit the road!




No more roof


There’s no more roof

No more barrier

No more frontier

Between myself and I

There is no line

No illusion

No delusion

No contradiction anymore

What I think and what I say

What I want and what I do

Who I am and who I want to be

Feeling reconnected


Totally integrated

There is no more wall

Between you and I

Finding the bliss of congruence means that your beliefs, values, and actions are aligned with your goals and your true identity.

Sometimes you can feel stuck, like things are not going the way you wanted, or constantly facing the same issue over and over again. Understand that you can not reach different results if you keep on doing the same actions. Find the unbalance, contradiction or limiting beliefs that are holding you back, bring changes to improve your life and align with who you are 🙏💙