This is your body



This is your body

I hope one day you will love it all

I hope one day it will feel like home

For now maybe it is hard for you to show it

And I understand

Because our body



How we feel inside … And this

is exactly what we don’t want to show to the world

Our scars our wounds our weakness

Our bodies

Take shape and form of our emotional state

It doesn’t lie

It has its own memory

Of everything that we lived

Of everything we’ve experienced

Of everything that’s going on with us

Emotions are captured in our belly, our shoulders, our hand, ou hips,… Anger, sadness, pain, trauma and wounds if not processed are locked inside like a bomb ticking and waiting to be defuse

We can try to change it or fix it, but the real change starts within yourself with a lot of love and compassion

The body is there to guide you on your healing path

Showing you where to grow

Follow its lead and learn from it 💕✨

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