Conscious Lifestyle

Living a Conscious Lifestyle 🌿 is being more aware of the things you do every day. From the food you eat, to the things your wear. You are responsible for your own health and you will always have the power to choose where you invest your energy to support the cause you believe in.


Choosing eco-brands and sustainable labels will reduce you impact on the environment.

Go for organic cotton (free from chemicals as fertiliser and pesticides), and prefer natural or recycled fibers.

Buy your clothes from second hand or vintage market and have fun swapping clothes with your friends.

And if you love animals as I do, try to stay away from natural leather or wool as much as you can, as they are not cruelty free 🐇

🌱 Shop @everybodyagrees  #consciousfashion 💁🏻‍♀️ Looking good wearing my friend Manu’s grand-mother’s shirt 😉 📷@alberto.hermosel 💛

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