when past holds you back

Maybe you have that feeling that past holds you back and prevent you from creating the life of your dream.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 22.10.43

That picture was taken in 2008, when i was in art schooling reveals that feeling i had many times being tied up and pulled by the past constantly, preventing me to move forward.

That picture captures a moment right when i was diagnosed thyroid cancer and went through a great family crisis. That year gave me a huge slap in the face to wake me up while i was heading the wrong direction, to guide me onto a healing journey towards myself.

Since then, i haven’t stop learning and exploring, peeling layers board my very own core to understand fully why i was held back.

25 breakthrough later, i feel like i have done my work. Today i finally feel like myself, strong and at the end of a long road.

It took me 10 years, to unravel those wires, but let me tell you that even though it does take time, doing the work is 100% more rewarding than just letting your shit impact your life forever.

If you feel like past is holding you back, if you feel stuck, go start to untie those silver line around your ankles! Take difficulty as an opportunity to evolve. Get in touch with me or get supported by another professional. It doesn’t matter which kind of practician you go to, you just have to start somewhere, all the doors are leading to the same direction: getting to know yourself better and evolve.

It might seem unfair, but some of us are just more tight up than others, that’s just how life is dealt, don’t compare yourself and hit the road!




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